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Why you should hire a Photographer on your next Holiday!

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. – Aaron Siskind

Does it sound silly? I cannot recall how many times I've been on holiday/vacation and wish I had someone there to document the special moments for me.

As a photographer I am able to document a lot, but how about when it comes to my personal family moments that I want to be in. Do tripods always easily work? ... No, not exactly. Does my Toddler want to listen patiently and wait for me to go press the shutter 50 times and run back.... I'm afraid not!

Most of us get by and use the Selfie stick or thinking we can get by with portrait mode on Apple Iphones... But then we run into those odd photos that are too dark or little blurry.

Some of us has hoped to hand our camera to random strangers. We often also hope they will get the shot we're looking for, or even have a clue what button to push on your device. Have you ever questioned if the person you asked kindly to take a photo may run off with your camera? I too, many times have thought this.

Photographers carry the different lenses to get unique beautiful shots. They also work fast and under pressure to catch all the small things we don't see or forget. We also spend the endless hours editing each photo to make it appeal at its best!

It can be hard to capture those beautiful vacation moments by yourself.

Let me share a few of my Favorite family moments with you!

It was our first Venture to Spain.. as a family... never did we think Marbella would leave such a big imprint in our hearts. A place that reminded me of home back in California.... thriving with endless botanicals and beautiful scenery. I knew it was a place I would love returning to.

We stayed the first couple days at Nobu Hotel in Marbella, Spain. The service and the luxury rooms made the trip off to a great start. We ventured and did Rental bikes with Puente Romano which is their sister Hotel next door. We were even able to rent a little buggy for Isabelle as she is not able to paddle or ride a bike yet! Nobu and Puente Romano is right on the coast and great for bike rides and long walks.

Literally was waving at everyone going by like the Royal Queen in her carraige! haha

When will she ever be this small again to fit into a basket hehe.

We're lucky Isabelle is such a happy girl and helped us easily get these Happy Family Portraits.

Literally is the happiest toddler I know. Well most of the time haha

I loved catching this precious moment between Isabelle and her Daddy. The connection and magic is just there.

This is the first year Isabelle doesn't run off all crazy, she finally likes to hold our hands on walks!

And how couldn't I help but catch my devilishly handsome husband relaxing, as back home he is always working so hard and often under lots of stressful measures.

Puerte Banus is gorgeous area for lively dinners and endless people watching!

Colomares castle, Benalmadena

The Colomares Castle known locally as 'Castillo de Colomares’, in Benalmadena, is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions to Spain. Although it looks like a real ruin left of a castle, it is a monument dedicated to the life and adventures of Christopher Colombus.

The castle was built between 1987 and 1994. I came there literally thinking it was something from ancient times. I laughed at myself after I found out the truth, because it was only started to be built one year after I was born! It is absolutely gorgeous architecture and worth a visit for some fantastic photos!

We took some time and ventured out of the mainstream area of Marbella, took a little drive a little under two hours to Gilbratar! There you can take a cable car to the "Top of the Rock" where many Macaque Monkeys await to steal your food and roam freely!

Isabelle literally was over the moon and wanted to touch them so bad. I must admit I wouldn't dare as animals can be so unpredictable but, amazing opportunity to get up close and personal!

Being next to the water just brings me at peace. It's crazy to think I now live such a different life now, but I do appreciate it just a bit more once I meet with it again.

And lastly our visit to La Scala Restaurant in Marbella was priceless, great live music, fun atmosphere and food to remember!

So do yourself a favor, and next time you contemplate blowing money on a photographer... DO IT! These are priceless moments you will never get back or that are irreplacable. Way better than a pair of shoes or sports car! haha.

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