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The New Beginning...

I'm Carol, an American born and raised. We have just relocated to Cheshire Area of England. I was working and living in Dubai for the past 6 in a half years and met my husband there. I was brought up in America, mainly in New Jersey and California most of my years. We have a beautiful One Year old daughter named Isabelle. We decided to move back for Isabelle to be close to her grandparents. His parents live here in England and mine are 6-7hour flight in Florida. Moving city to countryside is definitely a big change. I've always been a big city girl who loves the fast life. Now as I have gotten older countryside I believe England will grow on me just fine, I have made some lovely friends along the way and that makes it all the just wee bit better.

Photography has always been a big part of my life. I remember the early days when I use to take my Kodak in to get developed all the time. All the long hours I'd sit next to Nathan Teutli as he showed me the Ins and outs of photoshop and how every small detail mattered. I love documenting real genuine moments and especially love shooting people. The most rewarding is being able to give something to others that is something so priceless and irreplaceable.

There are moments that you sometimes may not always remember, but aha... there's that lovely photograph at that one time... in this one place.. with these amazing people. ect ect. You catch my drift. Reminding you of all those small lovely important details you maybe want to cherish forever.

I hope I can continue to persue my passion here in England and create some really beautiful images here in the countryside!

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